Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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"I hate it when you are with MC Hammer and he wont let you touch anything!!" RT from Katelyn [05:07:47]

Sri Sri Chhota Radha Kalachandji back in Dallas after 30 years[01:50:06]

Sri Sri Chhota Radha Kalachandji back in Dallas after 30 years[00:45:10]

Performed a benedicting ceremony today @the temple for a Unitarian who lost his 30yr old wife to Lupus disease.We served prasad to everyone [04:36:40]

wrote a new blog Not Bollywood Bhishma: A few weeks ago we had a wonderful time due the visit of His Holiness Gun... [18:36:49]

"Each and every star means they are different planetary system" 1974/06/06 Geneva, Bhagavad-gita 13.35 -Prabhupada [14:07:19]

Did a temple tour for Jordan who is Miss Irving future Miss Texas.She was very attracted to Bhakti,the practice of fully devoting one to God [23:16:32]

Krsna is Saksi ceta kevalo nirgunas ca, the pure conscious witness who is free from the control of the modes of nature-Gopal Tapani Upanisad [23:34:10]

Studying for Bhagavad Gita class at 7pm text me if you have any questions. [22:38:56]

Indians Knew the Laws of Gravity 500Years Before Newton! speed of light is 2202 yojan per 1/2 nimesh=71 Million MPH [18:15:25]

That is the highest perfection of life, to shed tears for Krsna.Yugayitam nimesena caksusa pravrsayitam. SB 1.10.14 Lec [17:59:59]

"Krsna is going back to His home. How we shall live? How we can give up Krsna?"…they cannot give up Krsna at any risk [17:57:04] In the year 1931…I had a very severe tooth pain…in the jungle to…(ayurveda) vaidya…cured me,& the dentist could not [03:56:58] So if you keep the cows happy,then cow [like the earth] will supply large quantity of milk. [03:26:06]

"I Hate you…my dear Prabhu" by Braja Bihari Prabhu, [00:38:23] Conflict Resolution Seminar.Great tips on getting along with others

wrote a new blog TEXAS FAITH 26: Should the feds pursue illegal immigrants or the businesses that hire them? Or ne... [19:00:14]

Temple: Weekly Vaishnava Calendar Events Festivals [15:58:03]

Resentment, it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. [13:15:51]

"don't blame the instrument of your karma" Srila Prabhupada quoted by Braja Bihari [12:55:31]

Brahmana means liberal, opposite is krpana, miser. A brahmana should give chance to everyone…how to become brahmana. [14:32:14]

They lost even their original dress…I have never changed my dress…given the dress to the foreigners,&they have taken [14:14:47] Artah means diseased, artharthi means in need of money…generally go to church/temple when they are suffering…or need $ [14:04:59]

Nectar Kirtan program going on at the Vohra howu near SMU [00:17:31]

♫ New #trottr voice message at Want to reply by phone? Use code 82324 [00:11:09]

Spiritual India in the Belgian Ardennes | Radhadesh "Or take a holiday and stay in our guesthouse" sounds very nice :) [18:25:06] "but…so foolish that we dont…care. We live like cats&dogs, eat something &sleep &have sex…" human life is meant 4 more [04:41:18]

Watching [01:44:46]

Bhajan - Vrajavadhus performing in Vrindavan | posted on [22:46:11]

Just starting Bg class [00:18:03]

LORD MACAULAY’S ADDRESS @BRITISH PARLIAMENT, 2 FEB, 1835 not seen not.1 person who is a beggar,a thief. READ! [18:34:29]

I liked a YouTube video -- Research Examines the Power of a Human Stare [22:45:31]

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