Friday, June 19, 2009

Evening with The Veronica's II

Over a thousand rockers danced as the sounds of electro rock fused with the building. Shouting out each and every word, the fans were absorbed in the catchy riffs and tunes that jumped from the stage. Some noticed an unfamiliar scene adjacent the stage. An excellently dressed Krishna girl dressed in a wonderful red sari with full regalia. An equally well dressed little Krishna girl and along with the dad. The dad's white tilak and white dhoti glowed under the black light.
The Veronica's Lisa and Jessica at Kalachandji's Hare Krishna Veg Restaurant

Last night two wonderful souls, Jessica and Lisa of The Veronica's, invited us to visit their show at The House of Blues. The day before I received this message from them, "Hare Kṛṣṇa ♥ We are going to be in Dallas tomorrow, and plan to Visit the Temple for Lunch or Dinner! :) We hope to see you again :)"

The Veronica's Lisa and Jessica at Kalachandji's Hare Krishna Veg Restaurant

Last year we met the two twins lead singers as their tour brought them to Dallas. Everywhere they go, they said, "We look for a temple to eat prasadam." Delicious vegetarian food offered to Lord Krishna. This year they were very happy to bring their mom along as well. When they arrived she was gifted with one of Krishna's beautiful garlands.

We had a nice lunch at Kalachandji's and then gave their mom, and their friends, members of the band Carney, a tour of the temple and the grounds.
The Veronica's and Carney at Kalachandji's Hare Krishna Veg Restaurant

The band members of Carney asked some questions about Krishna Consciousness and were also quite nice. After the temple tour Lisa, and Jessica invited us to their show. Jessica said, "We will put your name on list with 5 other all access back stage passes." They were so friendly that we could not refuse. They are both a very sweet and friendly souls. So my wife and I and little baby Visakha as well ventured downtown to the very familiar spot, the House of Blues. Every few weeks we passed this area with around 60 devotee chanting the holy name on harinam.

We had 4 extra back stage passes so we simply passed them on to whoever came us to us to ask us about our attire. We went on the the backstage which had only band members. There we saw their mom again who happily greeted us. Jess and Lisa were on stage and the were preparing for curtains to open for their headline show. But, as soon as they saw us the ran off the stage to give us a big hug and a thanks for coming.

After the rocking concert was over they came over to again talk to us. The curtains were still open, so hundreds of fans simply watched and cheered in curiosity as the Veronica's welcomed their strangely dressed guests. Some also during the show noticed our little Visakha dancing along to the music.
The Veronica's Lisa and Jessica showing us their tour bus,
The Veronica's Lisa and Jessica at House of Blues

They then invited us to tour their tour bus. An apartment on wheels; 10 beds, a kitchen, a shower, and two lounge areas with wireless internet. Both Lisa and Jessica has Krishna items to accompany them on their beds.
Lisa's bus bed
Jessica's bus bed
So if you see these nice souls in your town don't hesitate to bring them some delicious prasadam, they will be eternally grateful.
Hare Krishna
Your humble servant,
Nityananda Chandra Das
The Veronica's Lisa and Jessica showing us their tour bus,

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