Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my latest twitter updates 7

Barak Obama gets a Bhagavata Gita! http://bit.ly/abJYl9 [15:26:22]

Giving class LIVE on the Bhagavad Gita Chap 14.21-27 http://bit.ly/hkdallas Text me if you have any questions [00:12:44]

I liked a YouTube video -- Sankirtan with H.H. Prahladananda Swamihttp://youtu.be/dXBd4ykbmzE?a [16:54:47]

Class by His Holiness Guru Prasad Swami LIVE http://bit.ly/hkdallas [12:38:28]

VOTE FOR KALACHANDJIS http://bit.ly/c75RM2 2 categories-Best Patio Dining and Best Veg, must register, only takes a min, deadline June 10! [22:27:26]

Bhagavad-gita As It Is Chapter 14 Verse 20 http://bit.ly/930g5j I give cclass at 7pmhttp://bit.ly/hkdallas text me if you have any ?s [23:47:40]

one who is in full knowledge&who is always engaged in pure devotional service is the best.For I am very dear to him,&he is dear to Me BG7.17 [23:23:00]

Dallas Srimad Bhagavatam morning class schedule, Google calendar, http://bit.ly/crXR8t you can subscribe :) [00:54:42]

Kurma: Jesus in India http://bit.ly/aIQu5g [23:13:27]

Did Lord Rama eat Meat? http://bit.ly/9yAPDJ [17:30:03]

OMG from Kurma http://bit.ly/9l0cIH http://yfrog.com/59qu9ej [16:55:38]

Lokanath Swami's Jaya Radha Madhava Kirtan live http://bit.ly/hkdallas [12:38:24]

Lokanath Swami is going to lead Kirtan @ 6pm http://bit.ly/hkdallas [23:22:26]

3:14am & KM is finally going to sleep.All night cleaning after the program, beating my yesterday score of finishing cooking curd @ 2:30am [08:26:24]

posted - Vyasa Puja 2010 Offerings page » Prahladananda Swami http://bit.ly/9jPYtM - [19:28:47]

posted - Vyasa Puja in Melbourne » Prahladananda Swami http://bit.ly/cuei2d [19:28:12]

posted - Flickr plugin up and ready » Prahladananda Swami http://bit.ly/c5GJWn [19:27:57]

And Bob is Jagannatha Kripa [23:07:40]

Jaya! Gjared is now Baladeva Shakti & [23:06:35]

Rāmānanda Dās is now 10 pounds [20:08:11]

I liked a YouTube video -- Madhava -Australian kirtan tour 2010http://youtu.be/v20ZEM18Wmc?a [15:40:02]

posted- Lecture – CC Adi 1.1-4 Divya Jnana – Prema Bhakti – Video » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/9rr0br [21:19:10]

Nectar Kirtan live for Kapil's & Kalindi's engagement ceremonry NOW LIVE!!http://bit.ly/hkdallas [15:42:25]

RT @snacks4free: Had a dream yesterday that all road safety signs had been replaced with Hare Krishna. [00:37:05]

@mdornic Hare Krishna LOL [00:34:07]

poasted - Gita Jayanti – Summary of all 18 Chapters – Video » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/91vn4S [00:31:49]

posted 1st initiation ceremony for Bhakta Patrick on Rama Navami – Video » Prahladananda Swami http://bit.ly/9HOhrQ [00:31:25]

posted - Does one need a Mahabhagavata & Rasika Guru – Video Q&As » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/99P4AW [00:48:44]

I subscribed to mihaimiguel108's channel on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/mihaimiguel108?feature=autoshare [00:42:19]

A spiritual initiation in the succession of students – Video Q&As » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/bcGgA2 posted [00:12:18]

Prahladananda Swami Bhajan Video May 4th 2010 » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/aFdgKH posted [00:12:05]

How to recognize a pure devotee of God Video Q&A » Prahladananda Swamihttp://bit.ly/9Ml7bx posted [00:11:54]

I liked a YouTube video -- Akshay Tritiya - a day for New Beginningshttp://youtu.be/6rZEd6mM4cE?a [17:03:30]

I liked a YouTube video -- holi festival http://youtu.be/H06D8N3Ue-U?a [13:43:06]

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