Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to build the King of the Hill, Giriraja Govardhana out of cake.

Me and Visakha
Every is big in Texas, each year we have an 8ft carob cake for Govardhana Puja / Diwali Festival.  But it seems that the hill gets  bigger every year.  

We are little spoiled here in Dallas.  Years before devotees noticed that if the hill was made out of carob cake rather than the usual halava it was more likely to get devoured faster.   Not in the mood wasting the Lord precious food, carob cake is the steady staple.

So how to build a massive hill out of cake?  
Well unless you have 5,000+ people you will need some filler. First we start off with an 8 ft by 4ft board covered  in tinfoil.
 IMG_0429  Then  we take sheets of Styrofoam boards and cut away at them to make it look sort of like an Aztec pyramid.  Cover the whole thing with tinfoil.  Surata and Chetan
Bake about 30 trays of soft carob cake and make about a gallon of frosting.  Followed by 2 gallons of halava to cover the ground level and touch ups.
Gopinath, Madri, Kapil, Chetan and Gopi Krishna   Cover the whole hill with cake cement all the building blocks (cakes) with frosting.  Then cover every thing with green colored coconut flakes as grass.  IMG_2172 Then you can take baked crust to be the beds of lakes and fill them with blue sweet rice pudding.  Decorate the entire hill with all sorts of inedible animals, and edible vegetation.  Then underneath the hill you can make a Vrindavan village as seen in the video blow.

Here is the finish product. We ended up with about 900+ guests and about 30 students from Mountain View College who came to View Govardhana Mountain. 
Me and Visakha
Hare Krishna
Your humble servant,
Nityananda Chandra das

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