Friday, September 26, 2008

birthdays times 2 times 2

It was twinfest at the Gurukula playground last Saturday! Laxmipriya and I combined birthday parties for our twins...and my best friend brought her twins, so there were three sets of twins at this party.
It was an awesome party. Laxmipriya and her older kids made pizza galore and a delicious salad. I brought my spinach curry dip, chips and soda. Everyone was well fed and had a blast at the playground.
This was the first time my best friend had come to the temple since we were 16. We have been best friends since we were 13, and even tho she is a dyed in the wool Baptist, we have been able to maintain our friendship,lol.
The party was only supposed to last about 2 hours but everyone was having such a good time that the lst straggler left at 5:pm. I especially enjoyed all the devotee association my kids got, since we live so far away, it's hard to get them together with other devotee kids.
From what I heard, we at the Dallas temple have the highest number of twins born to devotees. Could it be the water in the fountain by the prasadam room? At one point we had three sets of twins here at the same time and another set had recently moved away. The theory behind my twins is that when Laxmipriya had her twins, my husband and I went to visit them in the hospital. Her babies were in the Special Care Nursery, and my husband and I were the only visitors they had that were brave enough to hold Gandiva and Arjuna...well...our twins were born 4 days before her twins turned 1yr old!
I just want to thank everyone who made our party such a success! We all enjoyed the company of each and every one of you, and especially to Laxmipriya and her kids, because I can NEVER be as organized as she is!!

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