Thursday, August 28, 2008

MTV films Sunday Program at Dallas Temple

MTV filmed the Sunday temple program in Dallas (08/17/2008)--they had a 5camera shoot. The story line (for real)was this 17 year old film student wentto three religious places she had never gone before-MTV followed her andfilmed.The segment will air on MTV september-January. The film student went to the Dallas Buddhist temple, the Bahai temple and the Dallas Hare Krishna temple. Anandini (my daughter)sat next to her in the temple restaurantafterwords-- "she took one bite of prasadam and said she had never tasted anything so good before." She also said she enjoyed the enthusiastic chanting and dancing in the temple room. She lives in Burleson(near Dallas) andNitayananda Chandra is planning to do a home program at her house.Pictures atat: servant behind the Dallas TV program,Pandava vijaya dasa

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