Friday, February 29, 2008

Transcendental Hootenanny begins

The Transcendental Hootenanny is a sincere effort by the Texas Krishnas to deliver a process for reviving our dormant love of God. We truly believe that the masses of people are innocent and that only due to forgetfulness of their eternal relationship with God is there so much discord and strife in society. Our scriptures tell us that not only is God a good God but that He has specific names, attributes, and activities, all unlimitedly beautiful, colorful and attractive.
Simply a brief exposure to these names and attributes is enough to begin to awaken the memory of a long forgotten relationship with Him. And just as awakening from a a dream the nightmare of material bondage will evaporate and our true joyful nature will again become prominent.
Our goal is to bring the festive atmosphere of the Spiritual World to all the people of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, city by city, town by town, giving everyone a chance to reclaim their spiritual birthright.
Lookout ya'll we're coming thru!! stay tuned in for inspirations, events, and updates Hare Krishna!

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